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Oreo in the Fort Oreo

As you can see, this is my cat. His name is Oreo, he turned one year old in December, and he's a sweet, loving mushball who sometimes goes absolutely crazy at nighttime.

Like I said, he's one year old and a sweet cat, but there's more. His favorite food is Fancy Feast (not counting treats, then it's Temptations) and likes sleeping and eating.

The Family
Not only that, Oreo has siblings. From a couple of videos, there are Oreo, his brother Wiz, 3 sibling cats, and their mother, Linda. I don't know Oreo's dad at all, but I think he looks like Oreo.

More Oreo Photos
Oreo and WizOreo SleepingWiz
Also the cat on the right on both the left and right pictures is Wiz.

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